A n00b is someone who has no internet edicit whatsoever and yet still persists to use the internet almost all the time annoying the living shit out of anyone he or she or it meets.
How to act like a n00b.
1. Stop caring what anyone thinks or you.
2. Learn to love being annoying.
3. Learn every single racist, sexist, homophobic, and sacreligous term known to man and use almost everysingle one of them everytime you talk to anyone.
4. Lastly and most important of all, Stop having a life and spend all day on the computer annoying everyone you can find.
by Cj Leaman. April 17, 2006
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One who is sorrowfully unskilled in either a general or specific area related to computers. A n00b's natural environment is never safe, for wherever he goes he will be laughed at.
newbie, noob, lamer, may also be wannabe depending on the type
by Lanche July 17, 2004
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Not to be mistaken for a newb, the n00b enter a chatroom or forum, causing chaos and destruction. They usually target site moderaters and beg the fuck out of them until they are banned, then they make a new account. Do not approach these strange creatures alone. Always have an anti-spyware and pop-up blocker ready incase of any viruses they try to send through your pc.
That n00b wont quit spamming in my thread... he must have been beaten as a child.
by Tabitha Massacre April 21, 2008
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An idiot on an online game who overuses leet and has no life who pesters people with lives for the fun of it.
Player 1: Hey, how do you
Player 2: 0MG STFU n00b!R0fLMAo!!!11LOL NUB FAG!CHoob!AShfafj
Player 1: But I was
Player 2: LOL OMG StFu N00b!1GO ASK OThR N()()bz FOR PHR33 ST0FF PL0x!ROFLMAOLOL!!!!!1111!!!!FAG!!!
Player 1: Ok, n00b...
by chhhessseeetaco! August 01, 2007
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Term used by veteran or experienced members of an online community (forum, game, etc) to call out those who are less experienced, don't abide by the rule of said community (which are often arbitrary, overly detailed, and kept secret), or who otherwise do something that the experienced member doesn't like. The term is usually used primarily as a means of inflating the ego of the user, by giving him/her a sense of authority within this particular online community. Often this ego boost is sought because the protagonist has little or nothing happening in his/her "offline" life.

This term is occasionally used in non-computer related activities, such as sports. Such use is particularly despicable, and it generally serves to reduce or eliminate any respect held for the user.
Person 1: Misses a shot while playing basketball.

Person 2: Man what a n00b!!!

Person 1: Did you just say n00b?! Seriously, did you? Please
tell me you didn't. I officially have ZERO respect for you.

Person 2: Whatever, you're a looser n00b, just like all the n00bs that I call out all the time in my favorite chatroom, www.makemyselffeelspecial.com. I have 27,879 posts there.

Person 1: Just walks away.
by jim87654321 October 18, 2007
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N00bs are most often found online, where anonymity tends to cause people to believe that they can say or do anything without consequence. Example: A 9 year old would never go up to a group of older teenagers and yell “You are gay, you stupid fags!” but online this happens all the time. (Although it would usually look like “U R gay u stpid fagz!!1/”)
N00bs can be found in real life as well, but this is much less common.
In general n00bs are usually rude and ignorant. N00bs also tend to be unskilled at most online activities; incorrect spelling is the first giveaway.
Newbies are not to be confused with n00bs. Newbies are just new at whatever they are doing (New + baby = newbie) so they tend to be confused or unskilled, but NOT ignorant and annoying like n00bs.
Newbie “Oh man, I just got killed again… you guys too hardcore for me”
N00b “OMG! Stop kiling me u haxzors!!”
by MBTB February 23, 2006
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