someone who thinks they are better than other player/ causes needless arguments. also is a high level/ rank, but is completely crap at whatever they do.
Two real life incidents:

n00b: hey you english fag! big ben big ben! english teabag! you jealous of america!
english guy: shut the fuck up.

EX 2:
n00b gets a kill. starts teabagging body. killed player goes to spot of death, sees n00b still teabagging body. n00b dies explosively from behind.
by thisrandombloke June 03, 2010
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One of the most annoying types of people on the internet.

They are usually very stupid when it comes to computers, but they think they know everything.

They also almost always think they're opinion is right, even if it is plainly wrong.

Also, n00bs tend to spell or type like fucking dumbasses.

N00bs are dubious, according to poketron.

Example 1 below is based on real life events.
And Example 2 is pretty much exactly what happened with a different n00b than Ex 1.
Ex. 1:
n00b: OMG i Love toki Hotel!
Person: ...Its Tokio Hotel.
n00b: no Its Not, its Toki hotel.
Person: Seriously, stop. Its Tokio Hotel, you're a fucking faggot.
n00b: please Don't say the f thing or f*g*o*! you're Stil Nice, tho. :)
Person: Fag.

Ex. 2:
Person: N00b.
n00b: what does that mean?!
Person: Hahah, the n00b doesn't even know what a n00b is!
n00b: No, can you tell me?
Person: Wooooow. And, no, go find out yourself.
n00b: Find out how?!
Person2: See that little thing you type in on the top right corner of your browser?
n00b: Whats a browser? Like from Mario? lol I don't get it!
Person: Oh my fucking God. Get off the internet. Oh, and you should hold down the Alt key and press F4 at the same time, its pretty cool.
n00b: i did that and dashboard and expose preferences came up! Why did you want me to do that? lol
Person: If that's what happened, then you failed.
n00b: I think I'm using an apple if that makes a diffrence.
Person2: It does. I'm sorry. For Windows, it opens a virtual cotton candy maker.
Person: Kay, well its called a "Mac" not an Apple. Apple makes Macs. The computer isn't an Apple.
And yes, that makes a difference.
But you're still a total n00b.
Person: Okay, n00b, just press the command key and hold it while pressing W, it does the same thing.
n00b: ok I did it and it closed! what the heck?
Person: You did it wrong. Try again.

~In memory of turnitupto11 and I_Liked_Ants, the two total n00bs of Smosh.com~
by dinocorn-goat September 11, 2008
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A term used in online discourse to belittle and bully others. Often an expression of impatience with a game-player who might seem less than proficient, but also just a handy insult for those without the vocabulary, manners, humour, tolerance or spelling that their mums hoped they'd have by that age.
A: Oh, bother. We lost the game, possibly because of an error on the part of player B. My life extends not much further than the online game world, so obviously I'm miffed. How shall I express my frustration? With a cheerful and sporting, "We'll get 'em next time" or "Don't feel too bad"? Nah! Hey, player B: "n00b!" That told him.
by LDS November 23, 2005
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someone who is inexperienced, new at something, and unwilling to learn a new task.
Claire is a n00b because she refuses to learn new things.
by Leah6969 May 01, 2008
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a callous new gamer, who uses words like j00, yhoo and newb.
Megz_24: lolx! 1 ju57 0wnz0rz3d yhoo! lololololololol
arr_rum: go now, n00b.
by Hyperpixie, y'all January 17, 2009
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An idiot Who knows nothing but what they have herd or seen. He/she will use tacctics to obtain these "secrets" by predending they know and then will get clues. In the End they make themslves look like a total retard
Hacker: Yea..
n00b: Where did U get it I got mine from "u know where"
n00b: Wouldnt want to tell every one else
Hacker: FRIKEN n00bS!!
Hacker Has Left The Game
by xghozt July 01, 2005
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A n00b is a new player to a game who is a loser and talks like they own the game, when they are very bad at it. Do not confuse n00b with newb or newbie, because they are two different types of gamers.
-n00b: Io @r3 13347 ha><00ir5 5!!111111111 phre4e st0f pl09iikx!!!!111111 M3 powend u8uir m0m9m1!!! !!1111!!!!111111111 lol--lolo-lolokl llzsszzz!!!!111-111112232@@@
-Newb/Newbie: Could someone help me? I am new to the game and I would like to know more about it.
by y.a.R. September 10, 2006
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