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N00bs are most often found online, where anonymity tends to cause people to believe that they can say or do anything without consequence. Example: A 9 year old would never go up to a group of older teenagers and yell “You are gay, you stupid fags!” but online this happens all the time. (Although it would usually look like “U R gay u stpid fagz!!1/”)
N00bs can be found in real life as well, but this is much less common.
In general n00bs are usually rude and ignorant. N00bs also tend to be unskilled at most online activities; incorrect spelling is the first giveaway.
Newbies are not to be confused with n00bs. Newbies are just new at whatever they are doing (New + baby = newbie) so they tend to be confused or unskilled, but NOT ignorant and annoying like n00bs.
Newbie “Oh man, I just got killed again… you guys too hardcore for me”
N00b “OMG! Stop kiling me u haxzors!!”
by MBTB February 23, 2006

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A more gangsta way of referring toMagic the Gathering aka: magic. Allows one to talk about this game in school hallways, on the street, at the mall, etc... without getting beat up for one's lunch money.
Yo Raggy, my man, throw down some Magizzle after class in the chemistry room.
by MBTB May 09, 2008

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