An extremely disparaging and offensive term for someone new to the game.

Similar to 'nigger'
Derek: Those fuckin n00bs are invading the game!

Davina: Oh my god, did you just use the n-word?!
by n00bian alliance August 26, 2007
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A retarded arrogant alcoholic fucktard who doesn't realize he is actually pressing a zero instead of an o. They are potentially dangerous, they might "pwn" or "rape" you while you are playing video games or on online forums. For safety precautions please wear a cup on your asshole when you play halo.
Nerd "zomg 1 pwn u n00b"
Hobbyist *puts cup over asshole*
by K1337 Jesus July 03, 2010
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A person who seems to have had a seizure and fallen on their keyboard, as every fucking word they type is grossly misspelled. Usually a fan of Hilary Duff, JoJo, and otherwise. Sometimes an Evanescence fan, so as to suggest their 't0tal raWknezz'.
Actual quote taken from the US.IMDB.com Hilary Duff boards:
Man she's too popular and too good! Amazing how many votes she gets for Mtv's TRL.
She's amazing, she can sing. It's a great song really GET IT. Her hits keep coming Why not, so yesterday, come clean, our lips our sealed and now FLY. She's the best, screw the rest! Out of those hits, 4 out 5 were number one's and So Yesterday was retired from the chart 'cause it was so good! F**k all you haters SHE'S NUMBER ONE, get use to it, she's the best! SO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT :)
Translation: I like Hilary Duff. She is an attractive young woman. I don't enjoy the music of other artists (because I'm a tree-hugging teenybopper pussy)
by Kitty September 12, 2004
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One of the most annoying types of people on the internet.

They are usually very stupid when it comes to computers, but they think they know everything.

They also almost always think they're opinion is right, even if it is plainly wrong.

Also, n00bs tend to spell or type like fucking dumbasses.

N00bs are dubious, according to poketron.

Example 1 below is based on real life events.
And Example 2 is pretty much exactly what happened with a different n00b than Ex 1.
Ex. 1:
n00b: OMG i Love toki Hotel!
Person: ...Its Tokio Hotel.
n00b: no Its Not, its Toki hotel.
Person: Seriously, stop. Its Tokio Hotel, you're a fucking faggot.
n00b: please Don't say the f thing or f*g*o*! you're Stil Nice, tho. :)
Person: Fag.

Ex. 2:
Person: N00b.
n00b: what does that mean?!
Person: Hahah, the n00b doesn't even know what a n00b is!
n00b: No, can you tell me?
Person: Wooooow. And, no, go find out yourself.
n00b: Find out how?!
Person2: See that little thing you type in on the top right corner of your browser?
n00b: Whats a browser? Like from Mario? lol I don't get it!
Person: Oh my fucking God. Get off the internet. Oh, and you should hold down the Alt key and press F4 at the same time, its pretty cool.
n00b: i did that and dashboard and expose preferences came up! Why did you want me to do that? lol
Person: If that's what happened, then you failed.
n00b: I think I'm using an apple if that makes a diffrence.
Person2: It does. I'm sorry. For Windows, it opens a virtual cotton candy maker.
Person: Kay, well its called a "Mac" not an Apple. Apple makes Macs. The computer isn't an Apple.
And yes, that makes a difference.
But you're still a total n00b.
Person: Okay, n00b, just press the command key and hold it while pressing W, it does the same thing.
n00b: ok I did it and it closed! what the heck?
Person: You did it wrong. Try again.

~In memory of turnitupto11 and I_Liked_Ants, the two total n00bs of Smosh.com~
by dinocorn-goat September 11, 2008
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a callous new gamer, who uses words like j00, yhoo and newb.
Megz_24: lolx! 1 ju57 0wnz0rz3d yhoo! lololololololol
arr_rum: go now, n00b.
by Hyperpixie, y'all January 17, 2009
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Not to be mistaken for a newb, the n00b enter a chatroom or forum, causing chaos and destruction. They usually target site moderaters and beg the fuck out of them until they are banned, then they make a new account. Do not approach these strange creatures alone. Always have an anti-spyware and pop-up blocker ready incase of any viruses they try to send through your pc.
That n00b wont quit spamming in my thread... he must have been beaten as a child.
by Tabitha Massacre April 21, 2008
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