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An exclamation that means that one believes the previous speaker's statement to be untrue. Synonyms include my ass, bullshit, horse shit, yeah right, get out of here, and "if I do say, my dear chap, I find your previous statement to be rather hard to believe."
Dad: "Young lady, it's 2 in the morning! Where have you been?"
Daughter: "Um, I was just over at Rick's house."
Dad: "My foot! What were you really doing?"
Daughter: "I was at his house for the big keg party. His parents were out of town."
Dad: "My foot!"
Daughter: "So we had a kegstand contest and I won! 53 seconds! Then to celebrate I took 4 or 5 vodka shots."
Dad: "My foot!"
Daughter: "Then I got in the bathroom and the guys lined up outside, and you know how that goes... then the Hell's Angels showed up, then about half of the Pittsburgh Steelers football team... my jaw is so tired."
Dad: "My foot!"
Daughter: "Wow Dad those are some nice new shoes, they would look really good on - "
Dad: "My foot!"
Daughter: "Yeah. Well anyway Steve was nice enough to stay sober and drive me home."
Dad: "Now that I believe, but the rest of your story was BULLSHIT! You were really at the library, weren't you?"
Daughter: "Yes, I was. I was studying for my history test on Monday."
Dad: "I am so disappointed in you! Go to your room!"
by Nicholas D September 05, 2006
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