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Comes from Hebrew.Comes either as a truth tester,truth indicator,or a convincing method.
originally Said: "Be(in) Ima(mother) Scha(yours)".the source of this phrase is in the sentence "I Swear in my mother" or "Do you swear in your mother?"

as an indicator:
"I didnt Break the Vase! in my mother!"
as a tester:
Joe:Who ate my Cookie?
Jeff:It Wasnt me!
Joe:In your mother?
as a convincing method:
Gimme a Shekel! in your Mother!
by Nadav Nuni August 31, 2007
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An expression of surprise or disgust. Derives from "fuck your mother in the pussy," but excluding the vulgar words.

Note that if you're a guy, you cannot use this expression in front of a girl, and vice versa.
Scene I
Son: Look at that Ferrari, Dad!
Dad: Oh hell yeah, that's a nice car IN YOUR MOTHER'S!
Son: In my mother's WHAT??
Dad: You know WHAT!

Scene II
Brother 1: Your drawing sucks!
Brother 2: Yeah! In your mother's!!

awesome, sick, sucks, blows, bites, dumb
by dangnuggets June 01, 2016
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