Comes from Hebrew.Comes either as a truth tester,truth indicator,or a convincing method.
originally Said: "Be(in) Ima(mother) Scha(yours)".the source of this phrase is in the sentence "I Swear in my mother" or "Do you swear in your mother?"

as an indicator:
"I didnt Break the Vase! in my mother!"
as a tester:
Joe:Who ate my Cookie?
Jeff:It Wasnt me!
Joe:In your mother?
as a convincing method:
Gimme a Shekel! in your Mother!
by Nadav Nuni August 31, 2007
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literally "Your mother". A derivation of yo mamma, used as a joke insult for any occasion. It doesn't have to make any sense at all and can be part of a phrase. Often used in a sexual context.
Bob: What'd you do last night?
Bill: Your Mother.

Bob: What did you think of that movie?
Bill: Your Mother

Bob: I'm getting tired of this.
Bill: Your Mother didn't get tired last night.
by Insert name here September 26, 2004
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A crappy comeback (yet effective if used right) to say if you can't think of a good one.
Guy 1- Yo you suck at this
Guy 2- Your Mother
Guy 1- -_-
by Webster's_Kid March 1, 2012
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you: What were you doing last night?
me: Your Mother
by yourmomer June 1, 2009
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A response for when there's nothing left to say in a conversation; quite funny when used at the right time.
Joe: So, what did you do last night?
Bob: Your mother.
by Mer October 18, 2003
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A Way to shut up your opponent in an argument
Guy: Ohh my god you are a prick
Other Guy: Your Mother
Guy: . . . .
by TheBullet September 16, 2004
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