The most funny, caring, happy, outgoing guy. You can't help but smile when you hear his laugh. He is a precious boy who only wants to make people happy. He is so loving and considerate. beware of the temper!
When Landen giggles it just melts your heart!
by mellylanden February 26, 2009
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Out going, nice, caring and hot guy. Pretty dirty but don't let that get in the way of any thing, and also don't forget about his massive... You... Know what. He is loyal and is a very good leader. And also very good in bed.
Dude #1: See Landen over there talking to that girl?

Dude #2: Yeah! He's such a great guy, I wish I was like him.
by Allllluhhhalluuhh May 27, 2016
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He wasn't just a boy. He was happiness. He was the world. The one person that you cared about more than anything. Someone who didn't judge you and always thought you were beautiful no matter what. The one person that made you feel like everything would be okay. The person that you least expected to ever hurt you, that told you they'd always love you, then one day... he just stops. And so does your mind. Oh, thinking about him makes my heart hurt. ~ E
There's never been anyone better than Landen.
by lolitakitten April 5, 2013
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A hurting boy who need someone, he is an adorable boy who needs love, he's a very cheesy, and romantic guy, he is always there for you and will never hurt you, he is protective and understanding and a great person to have in your life
person 1. Wow, who is that,

me. my boyfriend landen isnt he sweet <3
by #INLOVEBITCHES<3 April 25, 2019
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The one guy that will cheer you up and just fun to hang with and that guy that is great at football
Landen is awesome
by Landen December 29, 2016
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Very tough on the outside but very soft on the inside and has a heart for all living creatures loves animals and will always at least try to do the right thing. Though they are really smart and usually like to do things with their brain instead of labor but they do find sports really fun and have no trouble getting friends. They also try their best to be funny and usually are but not always and they really have a good sense for emotion and always try to make people feel better now i under stand that this is not all Landens but as far as I have seen it is a lot of them
Landen is cool
by Random single dude69 March 31, 2022
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The guy that cheers you up and fun to hang out with also the funniest guy you will ever meet
Landen is very cute
by Landen December 29, 2016
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