When a man carries a woman's personal items instead of her wearing a purse. He is her murse.
Cindy treats her boyfriend like her own purse by having him carry her lipstick and cigarettes. She refers to him as a Murse, Man Purse.
by TallestMinja September 12, 2008
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Larger than a wallet, but smaller than a traditional murse. Can be used strategically to ones advantage so that he/she doesn't get weighed down by too much cash or plastic.
Did you see Manuel and his new mini murse? He uses it so that he doesn't carry any cash or credit cards, in hopes that others will pay for his cocktails!
by BTedstrom November 9, 2006
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1: (n): the vagina of a prison inmate who has had a sex change and is now female, and is using her vagina to smuggle contraband.

2: (n): an extremely stretched out prison pocket
Cris just got a sex change? Omg, that's amazing, she's got a prison murse now... We are going to have so many drugs coming into this joint!
by Austin Pealy February 17, 2020
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Murse or man purse is known as either a small bag carried by a man or a mans testicles due to their sack like quality. A murse massage is the act of sliding the shaft of one's penis between the two globes or spheres of the testicles and moving it forward and backwards.
Paul wanted to give Jack a murse massage, but Paul's scrotum just couldn't reach the width of Jack's engorged man meat.
by Anonymoustheonly March 5, 2017
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A moose dressed like a nurse. (Mostly found in Canada, eh.)
That's not a moose, that's a murse!
by Puuper2 November 10, 2017
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Hey! Look at that murse over there! It’s the dude with the murse!
by Dirtymind 3333 December 10, 2020
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On "Empire" Jamal had a purse, he called it a "murse"
by masnifgv December 15, 2016
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