the hottest occupation a guy can have
dude, that male nurse is so hot. I wish he'd give me a sponge-bath.
by Sander February 17, 2005
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Male nurse RN is a male who goes to RN school and realizes they are much smarter than the average Joe who takes a 6 month EMT-P course and thinks they are an MD. The male nurse knows their scope of practice and can function independently as a professional in the Health care relm. Also, in order to be a male nurse you must have Balls! Unlike female RN's who do not have testicles but intestinal fortitude much more so than the Paramedic with the 6 month education who is a "want a be" practitioner...

The male nurse RN proves the fact the more math and science you know the more money you make!!! Most work in the ICU,OR, ER and as contractors...... Plus pull extra shifts and can life the morbidly obese with no problem....
Yo! My boy is a male nurse RN who is pullin way more duckets than my goofy friend who rides around in the hood for $7.00 an hour as a paramedic.....
by oadohfohoafh April 4, 2010
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A male practicing nursing.

Otherwise known as a "Roney".

Roneys tend to fondle with 'ambiguously gays' known also as "Alis". They are usually inseparable.


Ali: "Hey you got something on your shirt, let me wash your purple scrubs off you."

Male Nurse (Roney): "There all ready off."
by kiran1 March 6, 2007
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Male Nurse must have testicles and a strong constitution to work with all the women within your career. Male nurses are very secure in their manhood and mostly work in ER, ICU, OR.
Bro, I am a male nurse RN. Freind" I thought nursing was for women" Well, you must have balls to be a male nurse!
by oufhifuhipuh April 3, 2010
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nurse who is male. yes, they do exist.
Also if you were wondering yes it was the same nurse from before the male nurse once again nurses can be men.
by handle messiah March 6, 2023
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