when someone is angry, vexed or pissed off.
by Billy Doyle February 2, 2006
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a bag usually carrried around by men but not worn on the back. It usually resembles a large purse. Sometimes refered to as a fag bag.
Matt why do you have eyeliner and Panties in your Murse.
by joe Scott February 5, 2008
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A murder-purse. Used for carrying body parts after a murder.
Hey Jack, Did you burn the murse after last nights job
by Dirty Dav33 February 9, 2007
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A man that carries a bag around like the way a woman would carry a purse.

Man Purse = Murse
Hey David, thats a nice murse pal! Faggot!
by Crash Override April 22, 2008
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When a man carrries a purse or fanny pack or anything in close resemblance to a purse, it's called a murse (as in man purse)
"Dude! that dude was carrying a murse"
"what a fag"
by Darlingdreamco! October 23, 2008
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Man Purse: A storage tote containing carry handles and a shoulder strap, giving it's (male?) wearer the option of carrying it by daintily holding the straps in his fingers or ruggedly off the shoulder. The murse may be accessorized with a matching coin pouch.
His new murse matches his shoes perfectly.
by Johnny Castle 69 February 8, 2011
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