Inebriated, intoxicated or otherwise chemically inconvenienced. Often associated with the consumption of Ecstasy/MDMA, moreso in combination with other intoxicants
"Last night? Can't remember a thing. I was totally muntered!"
by Hamst0r August 6, 2003
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A state of chemical inconvenience, often involving ravers and goths.
by Xifer May 2, 2004
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The dangerous, heady combination of taking one too many E whilst drinking heavily.

When you're so high that eating something, smoking a joint or drinking water will be of no help whatsoever.

Can, of course apply to other drugs, usually speedy ones.
Havin' a good one?
I think so mate, but fuck me, am I muntered.
by dj_monged August 15, 2004
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to drink/drug oneself into a state of incoherence and/or reckless stupidity
I was so muntered last night I thought I married a policeman - oh! I did!
by Das Unterweger October 10, 2007
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Term used to describe an unattractive, unkempt and/or unsanitary woman. An example could be a homeless, drug addled street hooker.

A scruffy dirty, ugly appearance. Such as a homeless prostitute that doesn't shower, change clothes etc.

An alternative word to the likes of minger, minga, stinker, mutt, dog, witch, sket, slag, trout, harlot, ho, trollop etc
Did you see that girl at dancing with Dave last night? A total munter!
by Llewelyn Dowd October 20, 2022
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A woman of such hidious physical apperance that one would rather scour ones eyes out than snatch a glimps of her. So deformed and devoid of any attractive atributes that to beat her to death with her own shoes would be an act of mercy and deemable of a sainthood.
You are what you eat, and munters have eaten all the ugly people they could find!
'jesus carl.. that bird you pulled last night was all the munter in the world. She looked like her body had a reaction to her arse and prollapsed her colon through her neck..'
by ozzy3000 August 4, 2006
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Most often used to describe an incredibly unattractive female who you wouldn't touch with a shitty stick.

Sometimes pronounced "mun'er" with a Glottal stop in scotland
I widnae dae her, she's a fuckin' munter!
by harvey February 18, 2005
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