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The real way to spell "cheese". Think about it, there is no s in the word cheeze! It's not chee-see, its cheeze!
by harvey August 17, 2003
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You must be confuising this with "kibosh", which is in the dictionary with the meaning to put an end to something.
Put a (or the) kibosh on something.
by harvey January 26, 2005
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The best drinks at Krusty Burger. Also called "shakes" at "McDonalds".
"Hey, I heard they put a new McDonalds in down the street. Yeah, they have them same things as Krusty Burger, like these Krusty Partially Gelatinated Non-dairy Gum-based Beverages. Except they don't call them that. No, they call them 'shakes'."
by harvey January 6, 2004
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word to express yourself when ur high on skunk
oooooooooohh shiiiiit man im high like a motherfukaa
by harvey March 23, 2005
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ttyiaf - talk to you in a few
ttyiab - talk to you in a bit
ttfn - ta ta for now
by harvey March 18, 2004
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The phrase has its roots in WW2. When a soldier came into a medical facility with a limb or multiple limbs detatched from his body, the nurses would call the patient a "basket case". As in they had to bring the soldier to them in a basket.

Modern day usage is to describe someone that is in need of extreme assistance(mental or physical).
Well Marge they brought in another basket case, a grenade blew off his legs.
by harvey March 8, 2005
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Used as a question or inquiry, to express confusion or the state of having no idea what someone is talking about. Mostly used in text form.
<guy>Dude, so like the salmon at the net had to jump past the bear on the right side while smoking that chair-staff!
<otherguy> BaWr? O_o
by harvey March 22, 2005
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