3 definitions by ozzy3000

A woman of such hidious physical apperance that one would rather scour ones eyes out than snatch a glimps of her. So deformed and devoid of any attractive atributes that to beat her to death with her own shoes would be an act of mercy and deemable of a sainthood.
You are what you eat, and munters have eaten all the ugly people they could find!
'jesus carl.. that bird you pulled last night was all the munter in the world. She looked like her body had a reaction to her arse and prollapsed her colon through her neck..'
by ozzy3000 August 04, 2006
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A male/female that provides themselves sexualy to munters. An act of kindness some might say, or blind stupidity others will argue. It does however happen and munter shunters do it.
It is also the end result of a game of shunta munta
A game where you have to pull the ugliest person in the bar. the last one stuck with a munter, has to shag them!
' that bruce....he's a munter shunter.you can see it a mile off though, glazed eyes, wondering hands.. thick as pig shit!'
by ozzy3000 August 04, 2006
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A tool bag.

A person of earth shattering incompetence and uselesness.
An individual of brain numbing stupidity and ineptitude.
A character of such bone shaking fuckwhit'ness that the 'you are a spanner!' comment just wont do!

'Ker'iste Tony. You are an utter Toolbag.'
by ozzy3000 July 29, 2006
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