Term used to describe an unattractive, unkempt and/or unsanitary woman. An example could be a homeless, drug addled street hooker.

A scruffy dirty, ugly appearance. Such as a homeless prostitute that doesn't shower, change clothes etc.

An alternative word to the likes of minger, minga, stinker, mutt, dog, witch, sket, slag, trout, harlot, ho, trollop etc
Did you see that girl at dancing with Dave last night? A total munter!
by Llewelyn Dowd October 20, 2022
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Most often used to describe an incredibly unattractive female who you wouldn't touch with a shitty stick.

Sometimes pronounced "mun'er" with a Glottal stop in scotland
I widnae dae her, she's a fuckin' munter!
by harvey February 18, 2005
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A girl who is horrideoulsy revolting, may even crash your computer screen while viewing her facebook profile
"Eurghh have you seen that girl Verity"
Y"eah i know shes a right munter! She probably comes from Munterville"
by Marwandon December 5, 2011
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A particularly ugly young lady. Can also be used as a verb, see example.
She's a bit of a munter. She munts for England. She's so ugly, she'd get gold everytime if munting was an Olympic sport.
by Alistair Ward April 7, 2004
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Someone so hideousely ugly that one has the physical urge to beat them to death with a heavy object.
"Jesus that bird you fancied was a right munter Andy."
by A.Macinnes December 19, 2004
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A person regularly impaired by alcohol or recreational drugs (see Muntered). They are often useless and disorganised people with poor personal hygiene. They are often associated with punk and anarchist subcultures. They are usually suffering from the permanent mental and psychological effects of such a lifestyle. These individuals usually live illegally on 'protest sites' such as camps in woods, or live in squatted housing.
1. Dave is a fucking munter.
2. That munter is not welcome here.
3. Im not going to work with that munter.
by Alex Cabb December 3, 2010
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