Short bar in wood-framing, usually the central, vertical components of a panelled door. Scottish variant of muntin, both possibly of French origin.
A short, thick chunk of wood, by extension, an ugly person.
"Whit fur huv ye pitten they munters in back ti front, son? Can ye no see the mouldings are different?"
"Ah shuttit ye auld munter"
by the horsieman September 17, 2012
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Someone who, at that precise moment in time, is drunk/pilling/speeding etc. Also, someone who can be regularly found in said state.
'kweilo, you're such a munter.
Maybe so, but I'm still not queen of the muntered'
by anon May 22, 2004
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An ugly girl - UK slang
Word comes from some old Victorian practise by necrophiles who used to dig up womens remains and then ... not really do what you might think to them but considerably worse. look it up if you want, i can't post it on here but it's much worse than having any kind of sex with the body, but it does involve the sex organs of the deceased in some way.

by Monghorn August 07, 2007
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e.g a person who is not exactly good looking, has fallen into the ugly tree and hit every branch or someone who is challenged in the good looks department.
"errrrrrrrrr look she's a ugly munter"
by chunkymonkey August 07, 2005
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