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A gay term that means and evolved from the saying, "my ass is hungry". It means you are horny for some cock.
Mungry mungry hippo = horny fat man
Ending world munger = a whore
A munger strike = a prude
by Captain Crunch23 January 14, 2012
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The word MUNGRY is a mix of money and hungry. It's a word originally created by the two beautiful women, Shannon and Cammie. ( Type in 'nowthisisliving' into youtube, best thing you'll ever do)
Topic- would you risk your life for 5 million dollars?
'You (would) have to be one mungry (money-hungry) MOTHERFUCKER!'
by shabbnabb January 17, 2015
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A phrase spoken when a person is hungry; so much so that they have to say "I'm hungry" in one word. Often spoken when a person is either manstrating or menstruating.
Guy1: "Why are you so pissed off?"

Guy 2: "Mungry!"
by Parkoissick November 19, 2009
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Being so hungry that one has become officially irritated; literally meaning, "mad-hungry."

Mungriness usually surfaces from impatience during unfortunate near-meal situations such as slow service in a restaurant, having to wait on someone before eating (for any reason), and generally being so hungry that all of the world seems like a terrible place (usually followed by an intense, temporary obsession with a particular kind of food--most commonly, wings).
Scott: Dude, wings would be so good right now.

Dale: Yeah, man, we better eat something soon. I'm starting to get mungry.
by Wing.King November 08, 2011
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A mungry is an animal native to Wisconsin. It is enormous in stature and can even run at very high speeds. Mungrys are known for being able to eat a significant amount. Some experts even say they never stop eating. It is half dolphin and half rhinoceros. There is still not much known about this fascinating creature.

Note: It is impossible to eat a mungry.
Tom: Oh boy, I'm as hungry as a mungry!

Andrew: Wow look over there
by Mungry March 03, 2009
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A lazy, one-word way to tell your mother "Mom, I am hungry!"

It is it's own sentence, not needing a subject, having included it in the word.
Mungry! Go to KFC devil woman!

by MungryMungryHippo June 12, 2007
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