a person who has committed the act of mung, the only thing worse than genocide.
Person A: I swear to god, Rachel has dark a secret
Person B: You think she's a munger?
Person A: Nah it can't be that bad, she probably just throws orphans into a dumpster fire for fun
Person B: That is more probable
by xxXPuppy_3aterXxx69 July 12, 2021
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To munger is to use a website for other than its intended use. One common munger is to look a word up on Amazon when you are at the library. Another common munger is to type a word into Google to see how to spell it correctly. These are examples of mungers because Amazon was not built to help you check books out of a library and Google wasn't built as a spell checker, but both websites can be used for those purposes.
Snooping on your neighbors on Zillow?! That's such a munger.
by leafygreen September 6, 2015
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A lurker on Chatroulette that watches with their web cam switched off
You never get to see anyone's faces on here, the site is full of mungers
by Gobshite February 15, 2014
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A racial slur that applies to any human being so everyone gets butt hurt.
by Captain_cunt February 13, 2018
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A term used to describe a person who frequents the popular sci-fi social deduction game "Among Us", developed by Innersloth and released in 2018.
Man, the kids these days are all mungers, am I right?
by balrux July 2, 2023
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Describes friends who make you laugh, hug you when you cry and don't judge you because you pepper EVERY conversation/situation with "innuendo"!

The closest of all of your friends, your absolute "besties".
I'm lucky to have the support of my MUNGER when things get rough.
by MaggiMaeNot September 24, 2017
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When going down on a girl have a friend hide in a closet. At the appropriate moment your friend will come out from his hiding place, take a flying leep, and land directly on the girl's stomach. The result is her ovaries contract shooting all her eggs into your mouth.
Ex. 1 - "What a heinous bitch. Someone should give her The Munger to insure that she never breeds."

Ex. 2 - "No thanks, not even the slightest bit peckish, had a Munger before I came over."

Ex. 3 - "I have performed more Mungers then I can count. They call me Mung the Merciless around here."
by Jay Yei January 10, 2006
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