during great sexual pleasures, only slightly offputting
by tommigunn March 16, 2004
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An odor eliminating device used mainly for marijuana smoke consisting of an open-ended listerine bottle stuffed with dryer sheets and various accessories.
Dude, I took a HUGE hit and coughed all the smoke into the muff puff so it wouldn't smell like smoke in my room.
by Steve D . October 25, 2007
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When a females pubic region is covered in thick "puffy" pubic hair and derives pleasure from another individual slapping her pubic and vagina region with their hand and/or object in order to achieve excitement. This in effect makes the muff puffy.
Hey Johnny, did you know your ex-girlfriend Cindy likes getting gaped open and muff puffed while screwing?
by Doctor Dog Tits December 29, 2010
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"yo last night i had the worst cold, so i just kept giving my bitch the muff puffs"
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the lady who drinks from the hairy cup of love.
"i know this girl who is proper lez, she is a real MUFF PUFF
by andy rad January 17, 2006
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n. When the top of ones pussy is fat or "puffy" but the girl herself is not.
Oh my God Sarah, you can totally see your huge muff puff in that swim suit.
by SallynAddie August 7, 2009
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