When a male or female goes down into an unknown area of a woman. Only good when women has shower but if she does not then it developes algi and can sometimes spred harmful substances to the next sexual partner, IT DOES NOT TASTE NICE!!!!!
Boy: Houston, we have a problem
Houston: What's your status?
Boy: I've dropped a 2p coin and I havn't heard it land yet
Houston: How much oxygen do you have left?
Boy: Not much, tell my wife I love her

e.g. Man, you're one dirty muff diver
e.g. Yo dude, wot's that stuff round your mouth? You bin muff diving?
by George Fayers January 11, 2007
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A person (obviously male or a lesbian female) who dives into alot of muff, diving into muff can include but not limited to:
Look at that guy over there, he/she is a true muff diver
by barry 9 inch July 23, 2016
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White guy: I'm a muff diver.
Black guy with disgusted look: Thas nasty.
by Labial Licker November 05, 2019
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Going down on a woman, eating her pussy, licking her out etc.
Hey mate, heard you’re a muffdiver?

Yeah, I eat pussy all the time.
by jackyboy96 February 28, 2018
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the name for a person who when licking a woman's vagina, enjoys pushing their entire head inside of the vaginal cavity
dave is a real muff diver
via giphy
by fencepannel November 18, 2019
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