A mud shark is a Caucasian woman who dates/marries black men, to spite her friends and/or family, either consciously or subconsciously. She may not even be aware she's doing it, yet she takes a perverse pleasure in how liberal and open she is.
Donna is a good person, but she's such a mud shark she won't even date a white guy.
by terri71 June 13, 2012
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n. 1. Non-black girl who strictly sleeps with black men.
2. Kim Kardashian.
1: That mud shark posed naked in playboy. And she let some
black dude pee in her mouth.
2: What a nasty whore!
by Bruce Jenner December 16, 2007
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A white woman (typically bleached-blonde, overweight and trashy)who almost exclusivly dates black men.
We don't stand a chance here Dude, this place is full of mud sharks.
by Lamont October 29, 2003
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a big fat white chic that goes out lookin for black men to ride.
That ho over there is a mud shark.
by orenthal james simpson November 5, 2002
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A white female, who is usually unattractive and overweight, who preferes to have sex with black gangsters from the ghetto.
The mud shark was gang banged and gave birth to a mud skipper.
by slicksal November 20, 2006
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any female of any race/color other then black that exclusively seeks black men for sex
Whoa that Katrina is one hell of a mud sharking ho!
by CharlieB June 6, 2005
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