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A white woman (typically bleached-blonde, overweight and trashy)who almost exclusivly dates black men.
We don't stand a chance here Dude, this place is full of mud sharks.
by Lamont October 28, 2003

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The individual who "catches" during intercourse between two males. Originating in correctional facilities throughout the country, making someone a "punk bitch" is a way to establish dominance among inmates.
Looks like some fresh fish just got in. Which one are you going to make your punk-bitch?
by Lamont November 09, 2004

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A homosexual.
I saw a couple of brown sticks coming out of that gay bat the other night.
by Lamont October 28, 2003

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Southern slang for marijuana
Man, lets go smoke some of that heezy deezy
by Lamont April 05, 2004

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A term for a negro due to their hair texture.
Why do pube heads always have sex on the mind?

Why do all your pube heads and boolies sound like such total cunts?
by Lamont September 07, 2004

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