A caucasian person who will only date or sleep with a person of color.
Dude #1: I think Suzanne is cute do you think we could hook up?

Dude #2: No, you're white and she is a Mud Shark!
by Init Tho March 03, 2008
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Any girl who ingages in sexual activity with a black guy is considered a mud shark.
Hey, john i hear marissas pussy is black from all the rub off.

John: what a mud shark
by Ohsamabinlady123 December 08, 2017
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Mud Shark: This type of female is usually: Loud, fat, and is trying to make a statement, and thinks she's the queen of Jamacia when she's really from some small hick town. Likes to cause drama and is in love with Bob Marley. Low self esteem and none of their relationships last.
Man she thinks she's Gods gift to black and brown guys. That's cause no white man would have anything to do with her. Typical mud shark.
by lovespeachesandcream November 12, 2019
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A white male/female that fetishizes Black Bodies to the point of only engaging in sexual activity with said Black People. The relationship* is generally one-sided and only for sex. They typically save serious relationships for the other races.
White Dude: I really enjoyed that BBC, got any friends?

Black Man: Miss me with that Mudshark shit. *Blocks*
by Martin Fenton August 31, 2019
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wow! that girl is such a mud shark she just got done dating Tyrone and now shes all over Andre
by Joe Peck March 18, 2008
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