German girl between the ages of 17 and 23 that lives near a military post and only likes The Black Dick.
I couldn't get any play last night cause the club was full of mud sharks
by A33 August 10, 2003
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White, usually blonde, girls who love that big black dick.
Did you see Heidi Klum with Seal? You know she's a mud shark
by The Emperor April 30, 2007
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A caucasian woman who prefers the company of African American men over the company of caucasian men.

Sometimes, but not always the rule, adapts to African American culture through dress, speech and hairstyle.

MudShark = White girl hanging off the back of a black guys sport bike.
by Man_of_Steel October 23, 2008
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A Type of Shark that are found in the shallow waters of Chichester Harbor - South England. The sharks nest and raise their young, over the summer period, just under the surface of the mud. Mud Sharks normally range between 2-3ft fully grown although their are rumors of 3-4ft sharks that lurk in Bosham Channel. Mud Sharks are generally not harmful to humans except when protecting their young when they have been known to attack children bathing.
"ARGH I just saw a mud shark"
"aaw look at that fish... OH WAIT ITS A MUD"
"Don't let the Mud Sharks get you"
by SharkWatch01 July 18, 2009
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(noun) A dump taken in the ocean.

See: Speckled Corn Trout, Brown Tarpon, Speckled Cornfish
"I ate a big breakfast, drank too much coffee, and when I was out on the boat later, I had to take a dump... so, I jumped in the water and let loose a huge mud shark."
by Jeffrey Lebowski, Jr. January 22, 2007
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