getting pwnd, owned, murdered, hammered, killed, insulted, etc.
Dude, that kid just got mucked !
by Stewmister6170 October 7, 2010
In web forums - to be scooped in the presentation of a story or topical news item.
MobyDick posted it here first -- I've been mucked!
by Anonymous July 15, 2004
A derogatory term used to describe people of middle eastern descent.
I hate those damn muck mucks! They're all a bunch of terrorists!
by T-Bone21 September 7, 2007
slang: Any small shop or convience store that is owned and operated by an indian. Distinguishable by the dirt and close proximity of a large variety of items one would never buy, until stoned.
I ran to the muck-muck for a pack of cigarettes and ended up buying a glass pipe, some lottery tickets, a can of oil, some vintage porn, cheap plastic jewlery, and the owner's daughter.
by ThaDudesBro August 16, 2006
Jim:Yo man let's go get some muck
Jim:ya let's go
by Dickhead734 May 31, 2017