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very old and weak powerplant owner and boss of homer simpson
"What good is money if it can't inspire terror in your fellow man?"

"Why, my good man, you're the fattest thing I've ever seen, and I've been on safari."

by clevelandsteamer July 20, 2005
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A Simpsons character based on Mr. Charles Bridges, a gym teacher at Harrison High School. Harrison is where the creator of The Simpsons went.
Mr. Burns is Mr. Bridges
by groosha5 October 21, 2010
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Orginally created by a group of sudents at a school in Scotalnd. The term, "You're a Mr Burns" refers to a Mr Archie Burns, his teaching habits were most confusing, as a result he caused the failings of many pupils standard grades. (GCSEs, Exams etc.)

The name is often accompanied by "Oaooh" or any word which uses the "o" in the same way as "boot" as he was well known for the rather odd pronounciation of names, i.e "Natal don't dooooo that," or "Noootes jotter."

The most famous of his quotes would be, "You're goooing to fail your standard grades." Which would quickly be accompanied by a strange hand gesture and "Seeeven" (Basically a fail grade on your exams.")

Uses of the word "Mr-Burns" includes, "You're such a Mr-Burns" or "Archie Buuurns."

Usually his name is pronouced phonetically as the following, Mr b-ooo-rrns. Also uses of his name are used to comment on someone who simultaniously switches between outfits that look exactly the sames, i.e "You're wearing the exact same thing as on Saturday, you're such a Mr Burns."

Noted by student of Mr Burns, Miss Shannon, his usual attire is that of a light blue shirt, dark blue tie, jeans, mountain "boooots" and in his breast pocket a red and blue pen.
Rebecca: So Shannon, what do you think you'll get in the exam?

Shannon: "Mr-Burns says seeeeven."


Calum: So why do you think you'll fail the test?

George: Mr-Buuurns (Note, it can be universally used as an excuse to your failings.)


Rachael: A woo hooooo.

Lewis: You best stop that Rachael or you know what'll happen.

Rachael: *Nods* (Angry) "OAAAHHHH!" *Makes hand gesture.* (Note, any actions linked to him will justify what it is you're trying to say.)
by Student of Mr Burns January 19, 2010
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When a girl is going down on you whilst cupping your balls and when you come, she "twingles" her fingers and murmurs "eeexxxxcccceeeellllllleeennnnttt..."
I got a Mr. Burns from some broad last night but her arthritis prevented it from true excellence...
by Your Stepma January 11, 2011
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Used to characterize an empowered employer who prays upon lower level employees, especially those who have an expressed intimate affection toward them (i.e. Smithers).

Also colloquially used as "Burns" in the sense of a verb in order to describe sexual harassment in the workplace.
Since Alberto was named branch manager, he's been pulling a Mr. Burns left and right. Poor eddy works day and night just to make Mr. Burns happy.

Dude, ever since Alberto took over the division, it seems like the only way to move up the corporate ladder is to simply Burns it.
by Anony_Mouse-- December 25, 2016
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