When one shaves off all of his or her pubic hairs.
Kaytee: Hey Bria! Guess what? I mowed my lawn today!

Bria: Too much info..
by Kaytee August 07, 2004
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Said when you want to leave to masturbate without saying it outloud or when you and your boy/girl friend want to go have sex.
EX. 1: John: Hey guys I'll see you in an hour I gotta go home and mow the lawn.
EX. 2: Matt: Yo me and Melissa stayed up all night mowing the lawn last night.
by that guy who posted this word February 07, 2011
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See: deepthroat.

When a girl takes your cock all the way into her throat, and tries shave your pubic hair with her teeth.
John: I heard heather can deepthroat like Jenna Jameson.

Tom: Yeah, she mowed my lawn last night.
by Anti January 12, 2005
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The art of tearing off another persons pubic hairs with ones teeth until there is nothing left but teeth marks and a rash.
He was mowing the lawn with her until the mower got got on the hose.
by Bastardized Bottomburp May 08, 2003
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shelby: hey have you been mowing the lawn lately?
bettina: actually yes... i just mowed the Jeffasons last night
shelby:which jeffason?
bettina: oh you know all three of them
by sloshslosh July 20, 2009
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