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To eat a large quantity of food...
Dude I'm so stoned I'm gonna fucking mowe a Sourdough Jack, curly fries, and bacon cheddar potato wedges....
by mechsoldier November 21, 2006
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Referring to gay male sex, particularly the act of butt sex. Gay female sex is not MOWE at all. Used when referring to gay male sex, but not openly talking about gay male butt sex rather posting pictures of seagulls instead. A visually appealing word that is in reference to a very appealing act.
That video you sent me was extremely MOWE, I came multiple times and called up my dude to talk about the orgasms it gave me.
by ReelMachinesRSpool February 11, 2017
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"lets moe" lets eat
"this is moe" this is good food
by sterling October 15, 2002
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