instead of calling someone by their real name in the dmv you call the “moe”

it’s a nickname you call anyone
*walks into room*

me: was good moe ?
thomas: nun much moe.
by dm(v) slang February 20, 2019
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A word originated in the dmv which means a person or a homie
wassup moe how you been”
by May 25, 2019
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also written as moé.

A Japanese slang term (ironically, first employed by otaku) used to refer to the fetish for or sexual attraction to idealized people, usually a fictional perfect young girl.

Since then, moé has come to be used as a general term for a hobby, mania or fetish (non-sexual or otherwise). This is contrasted with otaku, which would be taking the specific hobby, mania or fetish to harmful levels.
Chiise is so moé, even while slaughtering entire armies...
by Shirushi Otahime July 5, 2005
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A word that was once used to describe a cute anime character. Ever since the novel "densha-otoko" became a national hit in Japan and otakus attracted national attention, non-otakus began to use this word to describe anything cute, from girls to cats (usually with an ironic twist though). Ever since, otakus became reluctant to use this word, as the media depicts them moaning this word like bunch of zombies. Now otakus show their affection by refering to anime characters as their wife.
Hey, you're an otaku, aren't cha? MOEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
by sleepyhead998 February 19, 2008
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i) a male who sleeps / has slept with a lot of females
ii) a male hoe

"WHAT? he slept with all the chics on your floor..... what a MOE!"

"That MOE tried to get with me, my room-mates, and my sister!"
by from the roots January 18, 2005
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