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A catch phrase used predominantly in the southern Appalachians that can mean nearly anything but most commonly routine expressions which are easily interpreted like 'hello', 'yes' or 'thank you'. Context, intonation & non-verbal cues are often the key to interpreting actual meaning.
Roommate: Welcome home dude.
Other Roommate: Mow mow ('hey, it's been a long day and I'm too tired to use real words')

Person 1: Can you pass the gravy?
Person 2: Sure, here you go.
Person 1: Mow mow. Mmmm... mow mow! (Thank you... mmmm... hey that's good gravy!)
by falconsrock March 08, 2017
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When the male penis erects to such a length that it peeks out of the neck and or arm hole of a t-shirt, sweater or other article of clothing. Usually occurring during speaking to a female the penis proceeds to say "Mow Mow" and poke the female on any part of her body.
Sasha-So heather want to go see a movie with me some.... Mow Mow.
Heather-Umm no thanks.
by ECBerstrap January 18, 2011
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A term of sexual contact, without actually involving intercourse. This includes kissing, snogging, dry humping, or even just mention of such things. Rhymes with chow, not low.
Look at them mow-mowing! Mow Mow!
by adexter27 April 15, 2008
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