One of the best movies ever created. It won a total of 33 oscars and got nominated for a Hugo.
Whats the best movie ever made?
That's easy, it's The Emoji Movie obviously!
by Hugglon September 04, 2017
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it the entire bee movie script
by February 11, 2021
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An amazing movie about a father and his son
Did you see The Goofy Movie? It's really heartwarming.
by PissePant November 30, 2020
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Theh took it from us. Sony Pictures took it from us. Shame on you...
"Remeber what they took from you?"
"The meme movie?"
"No you dumbass, your left arm"
by lecisama January 05, 2021
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When you're listening to 50's music in your headphones at a very low volume and suddenly get the feeling that you're sitting in a movie theater before the previews and there is light music playing in the background as you talk to your friends.
Whoa I think I'm experiencing The Movie Theatre Affect.
by BorkDog September 12, 2019
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Like all movie great movie trilogy's they all share the same formula. The first movie is the best, the second is the worst, and the third one is the second best
Michael j fox: Back to the future 1 was great, Back to the future 2 was the worst of the trilogy, and back to the future 3 rocked!

Christopher Lloyd: ya that follows the movie trilogy formula
by Mcflylikeawhiteguy May 29, 2014
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