"We are MPAA, all your media are belong to us."
by The Oblivion April 30, 2005
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Motion Picture Assosciation of America. An organization that believes it can universalize standards of morality and appropriateness in the social production of film, claiming, of course to have the best interests of the youth of America in mind. Thus it exists in place of parents, rendering the NC-17 rating useless (due to assosciations with porn) but hypocritically using the R rating as a junkbasket and thus proving that theaters rely on audience members under 17 to see R-rated films.

And it is also important to add that the MPAA is a great moral teacher, proving to everyone that nudity and sexuality are more harmful to young people than depictions of graphic violence. A beating, beheading, disembowelment, immolation, crucifixion, dismemberment? No problem! But catch a brief glimpse of a breast or a patch of pubic hair? Pornography!

Where would America be without the MPAA?
Thus the erect male member may become the last taboo of cinema censorship, although why tumescence is considered more of a threat to a nation's well-being than the numerous examples of stomach-churning violence, destruction and misogyny that are allowed on screens remains a mystery. --Allan Hunter, "Book of Movie Classics"
by Killing Kittens May 19, 2004
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the Motion Picture Association of America -- a bunch of greedy dolts who think they can shame you into not downloading movies by showing a bunch of sad people complain about not having as much money as they used to because the evil perpetrators took it all when they shared their recorded copy of The Karate Kid II for all the other perpetrators to enjoy.
uh-uh-uh ®
by Notorious D.O.U.C.H.E. September 17, 2003
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Assholes who cut up hard worked on movies to make them soft for the American Public they don't even know, considering I was able to handle the Scorpion King just fine when I was twelve. That movie was PG-13!
MPAA: You can't release your movie yet unless we, the MPAA, chop it up and make it less entertaining. Which includes taking out every form of character development. We were offended greatly by it.
ME: Of course, the film was about overcoming racism.
by horror_blood March 4, 2004
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for some reason my example is too short... im sorry for the nonsensicle writings form here on this is to make up for this site wanting bigger words
by annonymous November 19, 2003
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The film industry's version of the RIAA. While they have many duties, their most controversial is no doubt their part in the ongoing copyright wars. Like the RIAA, disliked because when threatened by a new technology, instead of learning to use it to their advantage they try to hit it with a really big legal hammer. Betamax, anyone? They never learn...
Techie: "hey I just made a new device that has both legitimate and illegimate uses"
by Bogus February 13, 2005
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An organization that likes to intimidate suburban kids, and shutdown perfectly illegal but nice websites. Said company also has flare for overdramatic slogans which are meant to frighten off pussy n00bs. Literally a mafia like organization that uses coercion tactics.
-1 "oh no the MPAA shut down another website" -2 "don't worry there are hundreds of ways for you to get illegal movies without the MPAA finding out for example one(in steps)- 1. buy a dvd burner 2. get the free DVD shrink software 3. get a one month blockbuster membership 4. Buy a pack of 100 DVD+r 5. Enjoy getting hundreds of movies for about 20$(averages out to 20 cents per movie"
by albanian beast February 18, 2005
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