n; A person or thing that often is associated with a brainless walking pigeon fart for brains, who always tries to exceed in becoming the ultimate leader by bossing his friends around whether or not in a sport.
Dude, our captain of the wrestling team was such a moulding.
by L7D October 15, 2004
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A term that originated from the South of Birmingham, UK that can mean either hungover, under the weather or more commonly 'in need of a shower'.
"Can't come out right now. I'm a bit mouldy"

"Brb. Off to de-mould"
by Redditch is mouldy November 13, 2009
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The act and state of being absolutely off your game, after the consumption of excess alcohol.
"Are you getting mouldy"
" Im already mouldy"
by nyers September 27, 2019
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black or green patches growing up walls, making bedrooms look dirty
'oh hannah, hows your room of mould?'
by fossiefoss January 14, 2008
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what is growing on my heart because i have been single for way to long. This is caused by a large unpleasant and disappointing gay culture in vancouver, canada.
Matt: "Dude, my heart is covered in mould."
Antoine: "Oh sweetie, be quiet and have sex with someone at the club."
by Matt Beau May 10, 2006
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Completely taken over by germs
Wash that penis, its mould infested, short, cheese ridden and smells like a cheesy puff
by mitch00uk March 29, 2015
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