Originally an ebonics term for "mouth", mouff has evolved to encompass one's entire being.
I want to hang out with your mouff tonight!
by iAmTheWhale January 10, 2008
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means girl in french. Usually people say meuf but all the cool kids say mouff.
Cette mouff me fait trop chier
by geatredbird April 19, 2006
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Slighty posher than muff. A bit french sounding. Can be expanded & used with a variety of additions
Mouffe a l'orange (ginger muff)
camels mouffe (camels' hoof/toe)
Mouffe a le creme (spermy muff)
Mange le mouffe (eat muff/pussy)
Mouffant (hair like pubes, bouffant)
I like to mouffe it, mouffe it (disco muff)
Lets make a mouffe (mouffe that needs to move)
Remove' le mouffe? (shave your over grown muff)
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a women so well endowed that her oppenings for milk flow could fit a baby carrot in them.
the baby was hungry but, his mother's titty mouffs were so large that the milk flow nearly choked the baby..
by Shmanye west October 17, 2011
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When someone's breath smells incredibly bad.
After a night a heavy drinking, I usually wake up with poop mouff.
by T-Bizzle fo shizzle January 1, 2006
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A mouth with rotted out or no teeth due use of crystal Methamphetamine. Also may have scabs all over face an body. Meff Mouff is probably on how someone with the lose of or no teeth due to heavy usage of meth saying meth mouth.
Police officer: See this mug shot with the scabs al over and a case of the meff mouff?
by Tom And her son June 26, 2021
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