3 definitions by geatredbird

the best fuckin actor ever. well he doesn't have much of a brain cause the movies he directed sucks but he is the best actor ever. He plays in fight club rounders american history X.
by geatredbird April 19, 2006
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the bird that brought to humans the following:
1. intelligence (misery comes free!)
2. The need to dominate all that is happy
also the bird that brought us out of our brutal ignorance, dumbness, numbness (also known as Adam's Apple for all those christians. for normal atheists its just the great red bird)
1. Fuck that fucking great red bird w/out him I'd be happy
2. I don't know what we would be doing without the great red bird, we'd still be apes...
by geatredbird April 19, 2006
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means girl in french. Usually people say meuf but all the cool kids say mouff.
Cette mouff me fait trop chier
by geatredbird April 19, 2006
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