This word can you use in a funny situation
hehe man that is moths
by nahasalamapitila February 24, 2005
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major goth
someone who wears a lot of black and crosses and spikes
"jesus. i was at the mall and all of a sudden a pack of moths came into hollister"
by ellennmelonn September 21, 2008
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A person who's too clingy for their own good and has literally no independent skills whatsoever
'James is being such a moth at the moment '
by The legman April 10, 2015
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Absolute wasteman who can't handle the sesh.
Dave: "Ben do you want to come out tonight?"

Ben: "nah feeling a bit rough today mate"
Dave: "stop being such a fucking moth"
by Davebarts January 10, 2017
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Evil version of butterflies that only come out at night. Note they are ONLY attracted to light
Brendon: Look! A moth
Me: *gets the hell away from the scary ugly butterfly*
by Cjsmolbean May 19, 2017
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MOTH (Man of the Hour)
He's that guy who talks loudly and wants everybody in the room to know how smart he is and how much he knows. The guy who hogs the stage, the ball, the limelight. We've all met that guy. He's the guy that doesn't listen or consider other points of view and thinks he knows everything. Usually high on the sexist spectrum as well.
"Don't worry, kid. Donald Trump will not get elected as President of the United States. He's a MOTH."

"He's just a MOTH beating his own chest. Tell him he's the very best one and the he's very special and watch him blush. He needs that.
by Pissinacup, yes and ... September 13, 2015
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A person or group or people in your life who are all ways calling ,internet stalking,or shopping up where you are going to be or stuff your into.And also troll your online friends and adds them to assimalate more so in your life.All for the reason of saying they are your friend or girlfriend/boyfriend.Like a moth to a flame.Moth (them). Flame (you).
That girl is a stalker.We went out and she was odd so I na
ever did again.She then started trollingon my facebook and myspace,Adding my friends and intrest so she could keep track and show up to same events.Shes like a moth always floating around and bouncing off me,
by coma darkvale June 29, 2010
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