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Someone who is fraudulent, often times making up elaborate stories to hype up their own life.
"Did you hear what Dre just said?"
"Yeah, but don't listen to him, he is so Raz."
by Atmospheric March 11, 2009
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pronounced \ rah-z \

someone who is incredibly ugly, very unattractive to look at, usually of a heavier frame with a very round face.
I can't believe he is dating such a raz.
by ShAWtTtTtTtTtTtTy December 15, 2006
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Welsh - a word meant to convey excitment, equivalent to "sweet, cool, wicked" or the 1970s "neato".
Welshie- Raz, I just picked up some Keith's for the piss up at my gaff tonight.
by scott June 04, 2004
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R.A.Z is the most unnatural thing to ever come out of Manchester, with a totally Alien style that varies from Deep Depressing material that will have even the most optimistic person cutting their own wrists after a few plays, and then totally transforms into an aggressive style that puts across anger and emotion, back down to a more average more mainstream flow.In other words versatile. The Debut album Teenage Nightmare is out 2007 on R.A.Zs K.W.A Records and was produced by: R.A.Z, Olde English Productions and mastered by Motley AKA Hash Browne the album features collaborations with DZK, Hard Target, Motley etc
R.A.Z is a Rapper from Oldham, Manchester, UK
by john bailey918 April 22, 2007
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