Mot is an Irish slang word for 'girlfriend'.

The word originates in from the Irish 'maith' which means good. Caillín maith meaning 'good girl' became a way of refering to your girl friend.

Over the years the word changed so it was simply 'mot', which became used by lower class Dubliners.
Now is widely used to refer to all women of similar ages and not just girlfriends.
Those mots over there are bleedin deadly.

Me mots coming over later to give us a wank.
by RandomIrishDude November 11, 2010
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An extremely sensitive person who habitually seeks to harm or intimidate anyone that criticizes them online. Mots are typically old, bald, and fat.
Guy commenting on forum: This guy doesn't even build his own cars.

Mot: Who are you talking about? Do you think I'm not capable of swapping the engine? Do I care? You need to understand NOTHING about youtube needs to be a pissing contest. We live in a world where the biggest "Automotive youtubers" can barely turn a wrench. If you don't enjoy my content don't watch it. If you are mad that I have friends that like wrenching, go kill yourself because you don't have friends. If you think I'm insecure about my mechanical abilities you are dead wrong. I know what I'm capable of and I know when its best to pass the torch. If you think someone else is better than me, thats fine. But if you think for one second you can compare us in any way you are much dumber than most. Pussy.
by rHaggardGarage November 1, 2019
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Ministry of Transport test. The Ministry of Transport test (more usually: MOT - pronounced by spelling out the letters) is an annual test of safety and roadworthiness aspects applicable to most vehicles over three years of age in the United Kingdom if they are used on public roads.

The name derives from the Ministry of Transport, a former Government department, and is still officially in use, although the Ministry of Transport no longer exists under that name, and the MOT test certificates are currently issued in Great Britain under the auspices of the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA), an agency within the Department for Transport. Certificates in Northern Ireland are issued by the Driver and Vehicle Testing Agency

Many local car repair garages throughout Great Britain are authorised to perform testing and to issue certificates. In Northern Ireland tests are performed at DVTA Test Centres.

A: My car needs to go for it's MOT.
B: Bummer dude.
by Eddie Quartermass October 21, 2006
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slang for "girlfriend" in dublin (Ireland). Used more commonly by people who come from poorer income families and particularly those who live in the northside of Dublin (live north of the river Liffey)
Hey John, is that Paul with his mot over there?


Me and me mot are heading out tonight, you wanna tag along?
by Enda March 8, 2007
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Mot: an acronym for Masturbate Over Them. Usually reserved for fit people.
Wow, she's so MOT.
Wow, he's so MOT.
by Smexy Smexison July 31, 2006
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In Cumbria (England), the word "Mot" is used by teenagers to mean Girl.
"Are you bringing your mot with you tonight"?

"I was walking down the road, when this mot came up & asked me out".
by Marra February 1, 2005
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