smit is a name of a boy... which means "perfectionist". Some of the qualities of boys of this name are that they are very attractive and also intelligent. They are very friendly and kind. Overall, they are sensitive and lovable people with most amazing minds who are very rarely found.
"Joe wanted to be smit"

"Girls loves Smit"
by Showman282 December 8, 2012
Smit - smit means smile :-)
It is fundamentally from a Indian Language(Marathi).
Actually there is no usage of it in English cause its mainly used in marathi language.
Its used as "smit hasya" which means smile
by sam123boy1 September 10, 2007
Noun form of the word smitten.
1. Sudden, unexpected attraction.
2. Object of sudden, unexpected attaction.
1. Before she realized what was happening, Betty was in deep smit with Joe Bob.
2. Joe Bob, Betty's current smit, was an excellent Greco-Roman wrestler.
by Jendra May 31, 2005
Da coolest kid in the world as mite i add dead sexi ahaha
by smit March 30, 2005
(adjective) short for smitten; to be nearly head-over-heels but not quite; feelings of being in love with no definite promise or intention of falling in love completely; charmed; infatuated, with the connotation that there are no particular reasons for such intense feelings. More innocent in connotation than the synonym whipped.
It’s been one day and she’s already totally smit— they’ve barely met!

He’s been smit since the new neighbor smiled at him.
by La Descarada May 28, 2020
An infection. Scots and N.English dialect.
He's got the smit.
by Peter McGloin November 13, 2003
when u smoke and u swallow the smoke and then u fart
by 78 pac April 10, 2009