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A real cool guy. Duped the Egyptians into thinking he was royalty, then ran away after killing one of them. Famous quote: "Let my people go!" Moses' people were the enslaved Israelites. Together they crossed the Red Sea using the Force, but the Egyptians were dumbasses and could neither use the Force nor swim worth a damn. Moses would be a saint if he had been in the New Testament, but instead he's Jewish. Not to be confused with Moses Malone, basketball star.
Moses means 'drawn from the reeds.' It is debated whether or not Moses Malone was drawn from the reeds, too.
by 7620 August 29, 2005

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Teen girl(s) who spend their time taking 'seductive' pictures of themselves and friends, as well as abstract, 'arty' subjects, and then post them on the internet in livejournals. Subsequently live and die by the reactions these pictures get in the form of comments, usually coming from less popular girls in the form of high praise for 'cuteness' etc. A girl with no life outside her internet circle of popularity.
Ashley posted 15 photoshopped self-portaits today- the camera whore!
by 7620 December 15, 2004

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One of sports' best and classiest organizations. The Lakers win championships like nobody's business. The team's leader, Kobe Bryant, is simply the league's best player. None of the Lakers fight with fans, wear massive bling or do rags, or speak out in the media and make fools of themselves like most other teams. Actually a humble group of players who deliver for their fans.
"Kobe put up 38 points in the second half for the Lakers yesterday."
"Shaq who?"
by 7620 November 28, 2005

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A fantastic university in Massachusetts. Haters can go fuck themselves.
"Blah blah blah blah Notre Dame is better than Boston College blah blah Charlie Weis blah blah Jimmy Clausen blah blah Rudy."

"What? I couldn't hear you because you were being too much of a douchebag."
by 7620 November 08, 2007

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Poison is often scoffed at by music hipsters who listen to the Libertines and hate the fact that Death Cab made a major label album. But in the 1980's, Poison was constantly at the top of the charts and was one of the most popular bands of the time, on par with (look it up) Guns N Roses. The band's sleazy rock sound became synonymous with the Sunset Strip. Because the band wore makeup, they are frowned upon today, but mostly by people who have never heard their music. "Talk Dirty To Me" off their first album, Look What The Cat Dragged In, is a prime example of why Poison was so successful and was a great rock band.
"Mama/ lemme go to the show/ I dig them badboys playin' that rock n' roll"
by 7620 August 29, 2005

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Overweight, scheming computer technician in Jurassic Park, killed by spitting dinosaur in an attempt to smuggle dinosaur embryos off the island.
Dennis Nedry is such a doffhead!
by 7620 May 21, 2005

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Nickname given to pop star Usher by Ludacris in Usher's hit song, "Yeah!" featuring Lil Jon.
"Urshur got the voice to make your booty go CLAP"
by 7620 August 29, 2005

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