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n. A piece of art using smashed glass and other materials to form an image
from all the heartbreak the girl became a mosaic Broken, yet wonderful
by paperperson September 22, 2013
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used to define the generation born between 1984 and 2002; the generation following generation X. This term is used widely by Evangelical Christians... it describes the generations interest in all 5 senses and because they are "very mosaic in every aspect of their life," according to Christian author George Barna. This generation doesn't really have any defining attribute like previous generations, which furthur reinforces the term mosaic.
Since I was born in 1985, I am a part of the diverse mosaic generation that will have to take care of the Baby Boomers in their old age.
by DeJo October 21, 2007
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A girl who looks good from a distance, but less and less so the closer she gets.
"Chick's hot, man."

"Fuck that, I know her, she's a damn mosaic."
by Peelee January 04, 2007
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