A way to say Barcelona, the second largest city in Spain.
Valencia is more cool than Barna.
by Ximo August 11, 2003
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Bound to. Yorkshire term. sort of...
yer barna be cold werrin that arent ya? get ya sen some thermals on lad.
by LadyH April 29, 2008
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A place in Galway for people who think they are the shit, but are the complete opposite. This place houses the biggest absolute fags of all time. They say u shouldnt mess with them but they would not touch a fly. Absolute faggots.
(Girl) Im from Barna
(Boy) Get away from me before i get AIDS
by galwayboy122 January 13, 2020
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When your having sex with a girl while wearing her panties.
Dude I totally Barna'd that chick. or I'm going to give her The Barna
by Roast-Beef September 20, 2008
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The act of shoving a non-lubricated onion up one's ass and passing it with great displeasure. Passing the onion clearly being the more excrutiating part of the process!
I like the Barna first thing in the morning with a cup of coffee and a bacon wraped slaughterhouse!
by Maniabarkwa January 22, 2011
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Jason Barnas is an insult to another person meaning garbage and retarded.
by Somerandiboi January 15, 2018
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The city of Barcelona is referred to by locals as Barna when shortened, not Barca (A "barca" is a boat in both Spanish and Catalan).

Many tourists get it wrong as Barça (pronounced Barsa) is just the short name for the Football Club.

Calling Barcelona "Barça" is like calling New York City "Yankees".
Local: -"Barca is not a short term for Barcelona. The correct term is Barna or BCN, get it right."
Tourist: - OK.
by cameldung April 02, 2018
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