"my fat ass" is when your ass is fat and juicy and you just say "my fat ass" randomly and then people will shut up
meckenzie: how do i use toilet paper right??

me: "my FAT ASS"

meckenzie: oh
by lol_yesgirl May 12, 2022
built so different he will shatter your eardrums at the sound of his asscheeks clapping
Guy 1: dang bruh whats that noise
Guy 2: oh shit
Guy 1: whats wrong
Guy 2: MY FAT IS ASS is cuming to town and hes gonna bang ur mom
by Shtegosaurus January 8, 2021
The act of bending over and kissing a fat white bastards ass. Kissing up to your snobby boss. A comeback to just about everything.
John: Hey how are you doing you pompous son of a bitch
Ken: Kiss my fat white ass

Sarah: Hey you skanky hoe whats with all the meat
Barbie: Kiss my fat white ass bitch
by DEATHONASTICK June 11, 2006