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A person who mooches all of your things. Is constantly over at your house playing your video games, drinking your pop, and eating your food. Really shouldnt have any friends except creepy people that laugh at his crappy jokes that he steals off the interweb. Usually is cheap and doesnt buy something even if he needed it and had the money. Probably still owns a CD player and will upgrade to the Ipod shuffle whenever they drop below the 50 price range. Dr. Phil: My advise is to break up the relationship boot him out of his house and send him back to his CD player and PS2 or N64.
Mitch you are constatly up at my house playing my games and drinking my pop, quit being such a moochy.
by Dr. Phil 666 June 13, 2007
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i have absolutely no idea what this means......
???im cofuzzled????like i rreally have no idea bout this "thing"
by ME AGAIN!! July 15, 2004
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this word means to be incredibly homosexual to a stereotypical point, to have a prolapse, and kill people with spoons... incredibly homosexual + having a prolapse + having a reputation for killing people with spoons = a moochy
Tony the p.e enthusiast was stuck in the toilet today with a girls outfit on and prolapsing. he was found with the famous weapon of "the spoon of death". the person that found him said he was moochy
by markuss05008 May 14, 2011
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