Visible breasts on a man. Most commonly caused by being overall fat and thus having plenty of fatty tissue in the chest area, resulting in flappy, disgusting, saggy moobs.

Can also refer to the breasts on males suffering from gynecomastia, a condition which causes the growth of feminine looking breasts on a biologically male body. Men with gynecomastia typically have fairly small moobs in comparison to men who have moobs caused by fat, but occasionally a more severe case occurs, resulting in gorgeous, large, feminine breasts that many females would envy.

Although it is somewhat rare, the word "moobs" may sometimes be used to describe a man's pectoral muscles if they are particularly large and luscious. This use is uncommon due to the negative connotation of "moobs," and the fact that the word brings up unpleasant imagery even when used positively.
Andy decided to get his moobs surgically removed- his gynecomastia was pretty bad. Poor guy.

Girl: Damn, look at that pair of moobs! *gropes* So.... firm.... and lucious....
Boy: Er, could you please stop touching my chest like tha-
Girl: Shh. Just let it happen. *continues groping*
by ganjagremlin August 11, 2014
Moobs are man boobs, but these are no ordinary man boobs. NO, these are the BIGGEST most unnecessarily large man boobs. It is too the point where a bra is necessary. They are unhealthy and should be seen by a medical professional immediately. This word can be used to offend any male wit tits.
Hay Johnny look at Tim's fuckin moobs. Hot damn he needs those checked out.
by MemeMaster64 February 3, 2019
a man with boobs (man-boobs) moobs
levi has huge moobs he should get a bra
by Snuffy66 March 10, 2008
man-boob, usually seen on fat guys
Scout 1: Man, do you think Billy Butler will steal 5 bases this season?

Scout 2: No way, his moobs are too big
by batrider March 15, 2011
Male Breasts,large in the cheast area not in the musculatory sence.
Mulie: Did you see his moobs when he was running?

Vick: Umm Of Course!!!

Ken: I think everyone saw it.

Reagan: Moobie!

Sandon: Hahaha ok.
by nick polly July 11, 2008
meaning boom boom but backwards.
used to sound cute, when referring to heart beat, or sexual intercourse.
don't get mistaken and use the plain word moob alone. It will not be pretty.
he makes my heart go moob moob
by amee! January 28, 2009