Hott ass person that has a sexy body that you want to get on
MMmmm Luke is lucious.
by triscuit March 29, 2003
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::<<meaning cute>>::<<also meaning hott>>::

The LusHuZ FLiP ish keepin us up taday
by dabastashytupinhere May 31, 2003
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An unpopular cocktail consisting of Amp Energy and Hpnotiq in equal ratios. Cool only because of it's unique name and electric green color, a Lucious Crow can be sipped painfully or shot ineffectively (due to the extreme sweet and sourness and low alcohol content).

A twist on the Lucious Crow is the Lucious Crow Shadowfire, which consists of the same contents above lit on fire and served under a black light.
Bartender! Get me 2 Lucious Crow's for me and my brother Otis! And make the second one a Shadowfire!!
by SirLuciousHimself August 17, 2010
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verb: named after its creator, Sweet Lucious Jones. Oral act performed at the climatic point of sexual intercourse. The female holds a teaspoon of honey in her mouth. Then the male ejaculates into the honey, the two are combined, and finally swallowed; providing a tasty treat.
She never swallowed until I gave her a sweet lucious.
by Sweet Lucious Jones July 2, 2005
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Arguably the most badass person on the planet. If you thought the comics were about Batman, you'd be wrong. They were about Lucious Fox. A man I try to be like more and more every day
Man, I wish I was as dope as Lucious Fox
by notmyactualnamethatdbesilly December 12, 2014
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When two males, and a girl, have sex, one of the men sticks there penis into her mouth and the other sticks it into thee anal cavity, and make her squeal like a pig.
by Lush•us Lue•how February 25, 2020
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When 1 person gets their asshole toungued at apporxmently a 45 degree angle while the other person is taking a shit or while ur rubbing vagisil all over ur dong and ur partner lciks it off and says my o my what a wonderful tea party u hog
O man that! lucious lisa u agve me last nite made my asshole quiver
by steve May 18, 2004
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