The chest region and anything relating to it
Did you see his pectoral
by Queen Nona March 23, 2016
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The edible part of a pectoral unit.
Sometimes...when david isn't looking...I take a little's okay though, because it's edible.
by skank ass weasel October 26, 2003
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This is the exact DNA match of Uncle Fester. However he has had his fair share of Hagfish and bobbit worms, ultimately causing him to form into a chrysalis and to hatch as uncle Pector. The hagburps are uncontrollable at this stage, especially at Christmas.
Steven was reinacting Uncle Pector on his Wednesday ritual.
by Uncle Pecter January 14, 2019
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The art of growing ones chest (pecs) to ultimate proportions unbeknown to the regular male. This can be done through various methods, namely hectic gym boet, 300 reps a day , pretein, protein and more protein. Carbs are for fatties so stay away.
Kyle: Sup Beast whats happening
Beast: Gym is happening brother
Kyle: Shit bru whats that in your shirt
Beast: Its my pectoral buffness booi
Kyle: Shweet
Beast: Real
by rjh2504 February 28, 2011
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