when a male covers the receiving partner in cum so that wherever she puts her hands, she lands in cum.
Man #1: hey, i heard you and your girl played monopoly yesterday.
Man #2: yeah and she sent me straight to jail...
by noodlenightmare November 18, 2010
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this is the most fuckin racist game ive ever seen in my life!a game where you buy extremly low cost areas in the da hood and you can be a car with spinnin rims, a toaster toastin fried chicken,a battleship with all black people working on it, a hat that slaves wore, a cannon that hints to firing at blacks, and iron and thimble to show how hard slaves worked! in a special edition version of monopoly, you can be a SPADE! (spade also being a slang term for nigger.)you can also be a tea cup full of, not tea, but colt 45. how racist!
by da hood' July 22, 2004
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To own all.
AIM, Microsoft, etc. This is becoming increasingly more difficult as the government busted up AT&T in the 1980's and American Airlines recently.
by Flyashi November 09, 2003
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Having control of everything in a particular buisness area.
SONY and MICROSOFT are perfect examples of a monopoly.
by AYB April 01, 2003
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A viscous family game where the board is usually picked up by someone and used to whack someone's head.
Cop1: What's the problem?
Cop2: It appears this family played monopoly.
Cop1: How many died?
Cop2: 3 children and 1 adult.
by ChildHandler October 09, 2016
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