4 definitions by Chris Anderson

after riding a motorcycle all day and your ass hurts so bad you walk like a monkey
by Chris Anderson May 27, 2003
The meaning of this word comes from the original word of Shot which means to be burnt out or just do and act like an ass from doing drugs or anything along those lines. Shot load means that you are a load of shotness meaning that you basically suck at life and shuld just shut your mouth right at that moment someone calls you a shot load.
James Rammunni Puts the shot in shot load.
by Chris Anderson April 6, 2006
Putting thousands of dollars worth of tiny performance parts and decals on shitty 4 cylinder cars in order to get near 180 horsepower. Loud, obnoxious, ugly, pointless--just like the movie.
My ride be all kinda loud. I be done kick it funky fly in my fag and furious. Nome sane?
by Chris Anderson December 9, 2005
When you fuck a girl soo hard u make her bleed and u make it hurt and ur penis comes out bloody
i fucked ill arota soo hard i popped her cherry
by Chris Anderson June 17, 2003