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A person who has money but no love in her life.
The only option in there life is to spend money in order to be happy.
Maria is such a money honey she always get what she wants, except the boy she been wanting to get
by maria.merie January 17, 2009
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One of the ladies that host a show on CNBC, for example Maria Bartiromo.
Maria Bartiromo and Melissa Francis are two of the money honey's on CNBC
by SK19 May 01, 2006
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Unlike a sugar momma who is above the age of 30. A "money honey" is under the age of 29, loaded, and extremely hot.
How did Rivera land a money honey? She's hot and payin his bills!
by TLG BIG EASY May 19, 2009
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Any hot female television news reporter that covers the business and finance world.
Dude, let's put on Fox Business News and compare the racks on all the money honeys!
by jpastor March 20, 2008
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Financial news correspondent whose only qualification is that she’s more aesthically pleasing than Tom Keene
Geez, check out that new money honey on CNBC……what a dingbat…..
by The Doc75 June 08, 2017
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Women who gravitate to men who are celebrities, rich athletes, CEOs or heads of state. They differ from baller babes in that they consider themselves classier and may be professionals themselves, but make no mistake, they are just as thirsty for rich men as the baller babes. baller babes, rich, wealthy, baller, ballin out, rapper rich, businessman, CEO, escort
I see the new CEO didn't stay single for long. He's got a new money honey on his arm looking to become the next Mrs. Jones.
by joecoolthefool March 14, 2016
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