A person who settled by the river. A fierce warrior and King. Superhero strength and Godly knowledge. A warrior knight that is a Hero to his country. A winner in all aspects of life. Handsome, strong, and giving.
That dude is a Rivera! You can’t stop him
by Dog whistle January 4, 2019
A guy with superpower able to destroy the world, mental control powers and ninja skills. Some says that a rivera guy is immortal, but it is actually unconfirmed by the scientific community.
Guy 1: don't you know that superman is on a rivera level?,
Guy 2: no way, superman it's too lame to even compare.
by Anonnymous guy March 30, 2011
noun - the act of failing to show up or arriving late to class, usually preceded by the phrase "to pull a"
"Hey, where's Tazumi?"

"Oh, I think he pulled a Rivera."
by 13anonymous37 September 30, 2009
An alternative meaning to Dick In a Box. Can be used against you in a mean way, like calling you a dick, or can be used in a nice way, like saying that your really smart.
Example 1: Dude, stop being such a Rivera. Its annoying.

Example 2: Dude, your such a Rivera! Good job!
by Godloveseveryone January 4, 2011
such a beautiful women, such a shame for her to pass so young. she inspired me as a poc wlw with her character santana lopez. she died a hero saving her son.
i miss her so much
you're so pretty!!! what a naya rivera
by wapwapwapwap September 26, 2020
One who makes Ovaries explode. She makes straight girls go gay, and gay men go straight.

Also called a sexy goddess of song.

Best Actress in the world.
That girl is totally turning me on. Such a Naya Rivera!
by nicebitch24 May 22, 2011
i love naya rivera.”
“who doesn’t??”
by cauliflowerpizzacrust December 7, 2020